After long hours of surfing and several broken links later I have come up with a quiet a comprehensive list of Muppet and Jim Henson related links. Bring forth the shrines, tributes, and all around fun!

My Top Picks

Muppet Central
Muppet World
The Muppets Place
Muppet Movies Lyric Archive

Sesame Street

Starpulse Sesame run by Kathy
123 Sesame Street What do you get when you cross Grover and The Beegees? This siite!

Fraggle Rock

The Unnoficial Fraggle Rock Site
Elin's Corner of Fraggle Rock
Behind The Wall
Fraggle Caves
Chris's Fraggle Rock Page
My own little Fraggle Page

The Muppet Show

Muppet Link and Information Sites

Bill Sherman's Muppets Home Page